Story of Us

We believe in maximizing efforts to unleash true potential. F&B Business is a highly competitive business. Most F&B use daily revenue as next day capital. This kind of practice is prone to internal fraud. Smaller merchants rarely keep record of their transaction because subscribing to Point of Sales system become an extra cost. KANTEN comes to solve that. KANTEN initiate an integrated application to place order, let merchant confirm the order and accept payment, and they can review past transactions, as well as getting business insight from the apps.

Starting small, we are a team of 12 people at KANTEN. We believe in utilizing technology to simplify daily life for everyone. KANTEN is actively operating in Pekanbaru, Batam and Tangerang. We promote in less urbanized area to bring the awareness. We wish to contribute in reducing inequality by educating local merchants so their business can grow. A growing business also means the raise of our country economy standard. KANTEN adopt the bottom up approach to bring impact and make rewarding effect.

Our History

Idea comes from our CEO, Sutardi. It came across his mind when he was waiting in one of fast food chain restaurant in Jakarta. He remembered that in Sydney, the stall had a touchscreen display where customer can self-service and place order by themselves without wasting time queuing but just sit and wait for the food to arrive instead. It is convenient to have that option when eating out. Sutardi came up with the idea to virtualize the menu paper into a mobile application because everyone owns a smartphone these days. From then on, the magic just rolls on. A team is formed and KANTEN got incorporated as PT Aplikasi Solusi Data Indonesia in January 2018. KANTEN is still exploring ways in improving the applications to adhere to market needs. However, it is wonderful to have supporting merchants and customer! Thank you for your continuous support. KANTEN is committed to maintaining sustainable growth.

Our Vision


Human Centered

Synergy in combining ideas to reinvent products according to current trend and needs.

Technology Driven

Choose and implement the right technology to process the ideas.

Social Impact

Scalable and sustainable products to bring actual value of use towards society.

Behold the Power of Team

We are better and stronger together.