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We Love What We Do

The measure of a great product is practicality, that is, whether it solves the actual problem everyone is having. Waiting in lines for queues had always been a pain. By digitizing order process, the initial waiting time can be reduced up to 50%. Scanning QR Code takes 5 seconds at most. KANTEN QR Codes can easily be found on merchant’s table. Your waiter will never miss at taking your order ever again. Get your food in time, pay directly with your preferred payment options or pay cash at cashier, and peacefully enjoy your meal.

Our Services


Android-based menu ordering app


Exclusive digital payment of KANTEN


Tools to manage sales and business

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Find nearest merchants, skip queues, pick menu and tap the order button. Placing order has never been faster and easier.

SCAN QR Code on the merchant’s table, scroll down the menu, add notes upon placing your order, pick your preferred payment method. Only wait for your food to come to your table! Convenience from the touch of your fingertips.

eMoney KT-Pay

Enjoy various promotions exclusively by using KT-PAY. Easily top-up your KT-PAY at the nearest merchant to get the exclusive perks.

KT-PAY eMoney can also be used for other Payment Points Online Banking such as paying bills, electricity token reload, etc.

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KANTEN POS can be accessed by merchants only. When checking your business from your smartphone is not enough, subscribe to KANTEN POS to get maximum utilization of Point of Sales. KANTEN POS have a dashboard feature where you can see the revenue comparison from various payment method that your customer made. The charts also display the latest sales data. KANTEN POS have an algorithm to see the customer trends at ordering. This help business owner to hold promotions